How to treat a headache without medicine

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Almost all of us are familiar with headaches. Headaches are a common problem. When we have a headache, we cannot bear the pain of headache, and because of a headache we cannot sleep at night, cannot bear anyone's words, can't stand any noise. And how to treat headache without medicine to get rid of this headache is presented in this content.


Index: How to treat a headache without medicine

How to treat a headache without medicine

Headache is a very common problem. Almost every family has a person affected by this disease. The pain of these headaches can sometimes become difficult to bear. You have to take medicine. However, headache medicine often do not work. In this case, how to treat headache without medicine, there are some ways.

Many people with headaches only experience pain in one part of their head. Many people have a headache all over. People with a headache have the most problems.

There are various researches going on about why the problem of headache occurs. However, no reason behind the headache has been found yet. Rather thinks like smells, food, light, anxiety cause headaches.  Excruciating pain begins.

You may have headaches for various reasons. The first heat of the sun or prolonged sitting in front of a computer or mobile can be a reason for this.

In addition, lack of sleep, anxiety eye fatigue, sinus inflammation or any problem in the blood vessels of the brain can cause headaches. Sometimes a severe headache is accompanied by nausea, eye pain and even pain in the face and jaw.

To solve this problem, you can use all the ways to reduce headache without taking medicine-

1. Cabbage's magnesium, Omega-3 and fiber, cabbage soup and smoothies or salads. These foods reduce the pain of headache. There are also carrots and sweet potatoes. Carrots and sweet potatoes contain beta carotene. Also contain vitamin C, B2, B6, Niacin, magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese and phosphorus, which relieve pain.

2. Cherry fruit juice is also very beneficial in controlling headache pain. Cherries are rich in antioxidants called polyphenols. Cherry relieves stress, relieves headaches.

3. Another special food to control headache pain is mushroom. Mushrooms contain magnesium and riboflavin to reduce headaches. 

4. Don't forget to eat chocolate, alcohol, eggs, milk or dairy products, onions, tomatoes, flour bread when we have a headache. If you have pain, drink a lot of water.

How to stop a headache without medicine:

Headaches are often caused due to lack of rest due to work stress. However, if you have a headache, you must sleep. And as the headache increases day by day, you have to consult a doctor and take medicine.

And not everyone likes to take this medicine. So let's know how to stop a headache without medicine -

1. If you massage the two sides of the vein and the neck for a while with your fingertips, you will get relief and fatigue will disappear. This massage is very useful if you hold your head due to fatigue.

2. Excessive light often causes headaches. So if you have a headache, reduce the light in the room.

3. Stay away from computer screens, laptop or mobile phones. Wear good quality sunglasses when outdoors.

4. Apply essential oil on the fingertips and massage the forehead and veins. Massaging with an aromatic flavored oil like lavender or peppermint can help reduce headaches.

5.You can eat tea-coffee. Caffeine present in tea or coffee works well to reduce headache. And by mixing ginger-clove and honey in black tea, you can get relief from headache.

How to cure a headache without medicine:

Headaches are a serious problem. Many people are affected by this disease. But still people do not understand how to get rid of it? But now you don't have to take medicine anymore.

Rather, you can cure headache without medicine in some simple ways.

Life is very difficult now. We have to run all day. Something is sticking. Be careful in this situation. Due to work pressure or any other reason, people are facing a lot of problems now. The stress of this situation a causing headaches. 

Again, some people do not understand the cause of headache. Sometimes migraine headaches. In addition, headaches can occur from thinking or more specifically from anxiety. There are other causes of headaches. This problem is caused by head injury, certain drugs, infection, obesity, smoking, coffee consumption, lack of sleep. So know how to cure headache without medicine-

1. Drink plenty of water:


Every human being should take care of drinking water. In fact, many problems arise when there is a shortage of water in the body. Dehydration can occur in this situation. This causes headaches. So drink plenty of water if you have a headache. You will see the problem decreasing. Also, eat fruits that are high in liquid content. This way you can solve the problem.

2. Magnesium rich foods:


In fact, the body needs magnesium. But most people don't care about this mineral. That's why the problem is increasing. This mineral regulates blood sugar in the body. Magnesium even helps with nerve transmission. And magnesium deficiency in the body causes headaches. So eat foods rich in magnesium.

3. Stay away from alcohol:


In fact, many people like to drink alcohol. Drinking this alcohol is a very bad habit. It has been seen that this drink creates inflammation in the body. In addition, alcohol causes blood vessels to enlarge. This is why the problem occurs. Besides, it should be kept in mind that alcohol is the cause of cancer in various places in the body. So every person should stay away from it. Again, research has shown that drinking alcohol causes headaches.

4. Sleep should be proper:


Our sleep is very important. The body can heal itself during sleep. So sleep is very necessary. If sleep is less, various problems may arise, even headaches. And if you have less sleep or insomnia, the risk of headaches increases a lot.

5. Avoid foods containing histamine:


Actually histamine is a chemical. This chemical is present in the body. Again, if its amount increases, problems are created in the body. In that case, immunity decreases, stomach upset, and nervous system problems appear. If its quantity increases again, it causes headache. This should be kept in mind. So this food should be eaten less.

How to relieve a headache without medicine:

The daily problem that makes our life miserable is headache. Headaches are a problem for everyone, young and old. Many people suffer from migraines. This type of pain may start suddenly but last for two to three days. Many people are disappointed by this. Almost many people consult a doctor to get rid of this problem. Many take painkillers. But you know what? You can easily relieve headache without medicine. let's find out how to relieve headache without medicine, what are the ways?

Ginger :

Ginger will help reduce the inflammation of blood vessels in the head. It will reduce headache. You can also boil ginger or raw ginger. Now steam the boiled water. You can also chew two pieces of ginger root to relieve headache.

Mint leaf juice :

Mint leaves contain menthol and manthon. These ingredients are very useful for relieving headaches. Take a handful of mint leaves. Extract the juice from the leaves. And apply juice on that forehead. You can also drink mint tea.

Ice pack : 

Ice will help relieve inflammation. Also it will help relieve pain. Apply an ice pack on the neck to relieve the headache.

Although many of us do not give much importance to headache as a disease, it is a very painful and painful thing. Almost all of us, young and old , get headaches from time to time due to various reasons. Headaches are usually caused by lack of sleep, fatigue, anxiety, migraines, stomach gas problems, etc. So let's know how to relieve headache without medicine-

1. Ginger :

There is an ingredient called ginger and tea that helps in reducing your headache. The beneficial ingredients of ginger provide quick relief from headache by maintaining blood circulation. If you drink a cup of tea with ginger at the onset of headache, the headache will subside very quickly.

2. Lemon :

Lemon is very useful for quick headache relief. After the onset of a headache, if you mix some lemon with warm water, the headache will subside quickly. A cup of hot tea mixed with lemon can reduce your headache. If lemon can be applied gently on the forehead then it can also reduce the headache.

3. Cloves :

Heat some cloves in a pot on a stove. Take the hot cloves in a handkerchief. Keep inhaling it for a minute and then you will notice that your headache is gone.

4. You can eat peanuts :

Sometimes the headache statrs due to the weather, dust, and sometimes the headache statrs due to mental stress. Chew several peanuts to reduce such pain. Walnuts contain salicin, a substance that acts as a headache reliever and helps to relieve your headache quickly.

5. Apple with salt :

Apple plays a role in headache. Chew a piece of apple when you have a headache, but sprinkle some salt on it. It will help to get rid of headache quickly.

6.Smile happy minds :

Many people may not want to believe but let me tell you one thing. When you have a headache, ignore it and focus on the other side. As a result, you will see that your headache has started to decrease. Just try it and you will understand the result.

7. Icebag :

Many different sizes of icepacks are available in the market. Fill an ice bag with ice and keep it on the head for a while. You will see the headache relief slowly.

8. Peppermint :

Another effective way to cure headaches is to massage peppermint on the forehead and a little peppermint on forehead and neck will cure headache completely.

9. Sweet pumpkin seeds :

It is possible to get rid of headache problem quickly by eating sweet pumpkin seeds. Because sweet pumpkin seeds contain a large amount of calcium sulfate, they work to relieve headaches. 

How to get rid of headaches without medication

It is difficult to find a person who does not suffer from headaches. Even if medicine relieves this problem, it is temporary. Just as headaches are caused by minor causes, headaches are also caused by major illnesses. So it is necessary to find the exact cause of this problem and take proper treatment. Many people want to know how to rid of headache without medication. So let's know how to get rid of headache without medication.

1. Aromatherapy :

A strong smell cannot be tolerated during headache. This increases the intensity of pain for many. Again, there are certain natural scents that, when inhaled, reduce inflammatory pain. The nerves are relaxed. In traditional language, this treatment is called aromatherapy. Mixing a few drops of lavender, eucalyptus, lang lang or mint oil in water, taking that scent is beneficial in many cases. 

2. Acupressure :

This method is quite old but very useful for headache. This is a kind of massage technique. Squeeze the thumb and forefinger of the hand. Then massage the area in circular motions. Do the same with the opposite hand. The headache will subside in no time.

3.Bake cold :

A cold compress works great a reduce inflammation during a headache. You can wrap ice in a clean cotton cloth. Or a pouch full of baking gel will do. Apply it around the head and neck. Reduces inflammation. You will find comfort.


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